Calling ALL "Abundance Seekers" : Harness the Divine Power of the Mandala and connect your manifestation energies with the Universe
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A Gift From The Universe
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The Power of This Pendant Will Blow Your Mind. Here's Why We Absolutely Want One For You...
Dear Abundance Seeker,

We are writing this personal note because we want to ensure that you will manage to secure this wonderful pendant, delivered right to your doorstep for FREE today...

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But first we want to make sure that you fully understand the significance of this particular Mandala pendant, and why you need this to start manifesting abundance into your life.
In a few moments I'm going to reveal why this symbol is so important for you...

How we are drawn to it through our spiritual & physical connections to the Universe.

The symbol of the mandala saved my lift - completely turned it around from nothingness.

And it is my now my hope that it will help yours too!

P.S. I know its crazy you only have to pay for shipping, but hey I really hope that the power of the mandala can change your life like it did for me!
How The Appearance of A Mysterious Mandala Saved My Life : And Helped Me Manifest Abundance
Awhile ago my life was in shambles...

I was in a dead end job, doing something that I dreaded every single day. It didn’t help that my wife of 3 years didn’t appreciate me coming late from work. We quarreled frequently, and were on the brink of a emotional divorce...

I was stuck in a downward spiral of negativity. I was convinced that the Universe hated me, and I couldn't manifest all of my greatest dreams...

On the verge of giving up, I asked the Universe for a sign that I was put here for a greater purpose.

But then I had an experience with the sign of the Mandala that would change my life. I learned to hear and receive messages from the Universe that would.

The Mandala sparked a shift from negative energies into a chain reaction of positive thoughts. It was like a whole new universe was created for me, one where I felt empowered and confident.

...And suddenly it seemed, manifesting my thoughts wasn't that hard anymore. I became a magnet for abundance, best of all I was able to share it with those around me.

Now I'm passionate about helping people to have these real experiences. To help you reconnect with the fullness of your inner light, and realize your true manifestation potential.

Many deserve abundance in their lives, but only few actually attain it.

I want you to be a part of that few.

The Mandala represents a MAJESTIC CHANGE is about to take place in your life.
The Healing Power of the Mandala
The Sacred Circle
The word Mandala means "Sacred Circle" that represents wholeness, health, harmony and the cycle of life. It symbolizes being one with the Universe and directing the flow of energies in your life.
In Tibet the Mandala is called Khyil-Khor (center of all creation). Buddhists believe that Mandalas represent the ideal form of the Universe

The act of wielding (or carrying) a mandala invokes protection from the Universe and represents the beginning of your journey to towards wisdom and enlightenment. It represents the creation of a new Universe for its bearer - one where negativity and suffering are turned into powerful manifestation forces.
Why Isn't This Mandala Colored?
Different colors used in a Mandala design represents different desired outcomes.

White - turns ignorance and acceptance into wisdom
Yellow - removes pride and creates a sense of belonging (oneness)
Red - removes fear and limiting thoughts that stick in the mind
Green - heals one of jealously and turns it into vibrational energies of unconditional love and understanding
Blue - anger into self-reflection and mindfulness

This Mandala pendant isn't colored is because its state of being "colorless" allows you to paint it using your own energies and vibrations. Color in the spiritual realm supersedes physical color. 

A colorless silver Mandala absorbs negative thoughts & emotions, replacing them with constructive energies that will bring you closer to your divine manifestation.
Why You Need This In Your Life?
Manifesting Abundance With Your Mandala Pendant
  • Beauty: Stunning design and beautiful craftsmanship
  • Enlightenment: Harness powerful forces to begin your journey of self-discovery and enlightenment
  • Healing: remove negative energies from your life
  • Protection: the symbol of the Mandala represents the core of the Universe in its purest form, pulling powerful energies your way
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Universal Manifestation Mandala Pendant
Receive a powerful pendant of the lotus mandala for healing and attracting strong energies from the Universe.
The Ultimate Guide to Mindfulness Meditation
In this essential meditation guide titled "The Empowered Mind", you'll learn to unlock your most powerful physical and mental state of mindfulness.
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We Can't Wait to Hear How This Improves Your Life!
We want everyone who needs to attract more abundance into their lives to be able to get access to the best resources in the most affordable manner. Our goal is to enable you to gain access to this tremendous source of power for more happiness, fulfillment and joy in your life.

The best investment is always the one you make on yourself. But PLEASE don’t wait too long!
What a Previous Customer Had to Say:
"I love this necklace! Immediately after receiving I wore it for my meditation affirmation session and I could feel an instant shift in my vibration. I know the Universe has got my back!"
- Alisha Watson
Lives We Have Touched
"Thank you for this! I really like the feel and positive vibes"

- Coraline, from France
"Took awhile for the shipment to come (had to be patient) but it was worth it... The pendant looks magnificent!"

- Gina, from USA, New York
"Looks great! Thank you for all the help you've given."

- Charlotte, from USA
100% FREE (Just Pay Shipping)
S&H Not Included. Please allow 13-20 days for delivery.
The Sacred Manifestation Mandala Pendant is shipped in the mail to you, the other two bonuses you will be given immediate online access to,
so you can start reading today! (These bonuses are not physically shipped).

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